World Health Day, Food safety in Nigeria!


Hi Folks,

Wish you the best on the occasion of World Health Day. Here are 7 tips to keep your food safe. Scroll down to read more

Serve food hot

In order to avoid food poisoning you always should have food hot. When served hot your food kills bacteria, which might cause that hazardous food poisoning in you.

Wash your hand before eating


This is something we have been hearing since we are kids. Starting from our moms to our teachers used to be so stubborn about it. And they did so for a reason. A good reason. This healthy habit saves us from thousands of diseases. So always make sure that you wash your hand before you eat.


Wash fruits before you eat


Fruits and vegetables should be washed and wiped well before they are eaten. As fruits and vegetables are subjected to many fertilizers and pesticides they should be washed properly before being eaten.


Don’t exceed the preparation time and serving time more than 2 hours


The prepared food is supposed to be eaten within 2 hours. Food should not be left in room temperature before being eaten. Doing this spoils the quality of the food and it becomes hazardous when eaten.


Cook the food with covered lid


Cooking with lids covered help in retaining the vital minerals and nutrients in the food. So it is always recommended to pressure cook the food in comparison to cook it in an open pan.

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