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Naturopathy is an alternative healing treatment in India. It has a holistic approach and brings you closer to the science of nature, which further helps you live a disease-free life. According to Naturopathy, nature comprises of five elements:

  • Jal (Water)
  • Vayu (Air)
  • Akash (Sky)
  • Agni (Fire)
  • Prithvi (Earth)

The combination of these five elements is also known as Panchamahabhuta. The treatment of Naturopathy comprises three important stages:


This stage helps in removing all toxins from your body. A special diet chart is given to you that would speed up the process of detoxification and excrete the toxins. Various therapies are involved here namely:

  • Mineral salt bath
  • Mud therapy
  • Sun bath therapy
  • Far-infra detox therapy


Once you are done with the detoxification process, your body requires rejuvenation. Whatever nutrients are required to revitalize your body, this stage helps in supplying all those nutrients. In addition to it, your blood circulation would improve with the utilization of following therapies:

  • Chromo therapy
  • Hydro therapy
  • Aroma therapy


The final stage involves activation of certain hormones in the body. A combination of exercises and dietary routines would be planned that would further activate your body cells and tissues. This stage basically conveys the message that all types of nutrients are required for a balanced and healthy functioning of a body.

Some of the best Naturopathy centres considered in India are:

  • Government Nature Cure Hospital

Located in Hyderabad, the hospital accommodates 150 beds with well equipped treatment facilities.

  • Kasturba Nature Cure & Yoga Institute

Another hospital in Hyderabad, the hospital is spread in an area about 8 acres with a complete touch of nature.

  • V.A.M. ┬áNature Cure Hospital

This hospital in Gujarat has 60 beds with deluxe rooms, semi deluxe rooms and general wards with separate male and female sections.

  • Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra

This is one of the oldest naturopathy hospitals in India. Located in Haryana, this hospital is most preferred by the local people of that place.

  • Kaya Kalp

It is well equipped with all the modern facilities. Located in the Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh, the hospital has 90 beds and surrounded with greenery.

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