Saturated fat: the key behind a fat you

saturated fat

You are blaming your work schedule, living style, and moreover unhealthy eating habit every now and then for ever increasing waistline. But you don’t know what exactly to do to get back to the leaner you. Here in this blog you would get to know about the key factor which is contributing the most of the risk in making you fat. In a way you can say, making you a victim of obesity. This culprit is no one other than saturated fat. If given a proper check, Saturated fat can be curbed out of your food list. This would for sure gift a healthier you. Before going in details we would go to the basic point, which is where do we find saturated fat.

Which food has Saturated fat

Saturated fat is found in food like biscuits, cakes, pies, butter, fatty cuts of meats, bacons and sausages and so on. These food items are so tempting that if you eat a little you feel like gorging upon it. If this happens with you there is nothing to blame you rather the saturated fat present in the food. Research has revealed that such kind of saturated fats contain ingredients, which are similar to class A Drugs. Saturated fats not only make you fat it might have negative impact on your brain’s capacity in a long run.

Curb saturated fat from your diet

  • It might sound cheesy to you but in a real sense, you will be benefited by this. Instead of going for food items with saturated fat you can go for food with mono saturated fat. Food items made out of mono saturated fat is olive oil, sunflower oil and spreads etc.
  • Choose lean meat instead of fatty cut of meat. Go for chicken without skin and fat.
  • Don’t forget that every oil drop of oil counts. Instead of going for pouring oil from the bottle always go for sprays or table spoons to measure the amount of oil you are using to cook your food.
  • Reading out nutritional facts on every food item we purchase can help us staying fit. Apart from this you should opt for barbeque or grilled or tossed food items over deep fried and oily food
  • Always go for skimmed milk instead of whole milk.


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