What is the payment mode for foreign patients for the treatment in India?

Payment mode for foreign patients

Most of the best hospitals in India are recognized by health insurance companies from all over the world. Contact your insurer for information about your medical treatment in India. Once you have selected a hospital, you could also the estimates of your treatment costs to the hospital representative and the amount of time you’ll need to stay to complete your treatment and follow-up appointment. The hospital will then provide you details of your cost guide. However, it is possible that the final cost will be more than the guide price. Once the doctor sees you and decides on your course of treatment, the exact cost would be presented to you.

The renowned hospitals in India accept all major credit cards:

  1. VISA
  3. AMEX
  4. CIRRUS and
  5. Traveller’s cheques

The hospital accepts payment for inpatient services in the following currencies such as:

  1. USD
  2. CAD
  3. Euro
  4. Pound Sterling
  5. Omani Riyal
  6. UAE Dirham
  7. Kuwait Dinar
  8. Saudi Riyal
  9. Singapore Dollars and
  10. some more

Additionally, you can as well use online payment option to securely and conveniently pay the bills.














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