What should be the checklist for the patient before traveling to India?

Medical patient checklist before traveling to India

A patient who is seeking medical treatment in India should never leave home without going through certain points which could save him/her a lot of money and at the same time make him/her understand the attributes of medical tourism. Before you pack your bags and leave for India, have a careful look at the below checklist:

  1. Carry all the related documents and reports of your medical history that should be communicated with the doctors in the hospital in India.
  2. Make sure you calculate the total expenses of your medical tour, including air fare, accommodation, travel and medical expenses. If the final figure turns out to be less than the treatment at your own country, only then opt for a treatment in India.
  3. Stay updated with the climatic conditions of India as well as its specific city where you would be visiting. An ideal weather would make your stay a comfortable one.
  4. Take along with you a few passport size photographs and few photocopies of main pages of your passport. You will be surprised how handy these can be when traveling in India.
  5. Include mosquito repellant creams/sprays and sunscreen lotions in your luggage.
  6. A prior hotel booking would be beneficial before you arrive in the country and make sure you receive the confirmation of the same.
  7. International flights mostly land in India at night. After your arrival, private taxis will be available at the airport, but it would be safer if you stick to the taxi of the hotel you are staying in. Therefore, make your needs clear to the hotel.
  8. One of the best options that would make your travel to India convenient would be taking the help of a medical assistance company. By doing so, everything ranging from your travel, accommodation, choosing an ideal hospital or a doctor, etc. would be taken care of.


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