India as a home for Yoga


Yoga is an integral part of the Indian culture. This form of meditation and exercise was born in India and has lived since centuries. The medical tourism of the country with its impressive services also has other alternative treatments, and yoga is one of them. Today, yoga has gained its popularity all over the world due to its natural and religious approach. It is also practised in other countries. India being its birthplace would acknowledge you with the richness and numerous forms of yoga.

As a beginner, you could have a know-how of the few techniques:



This Sanskrit term means a form that involves physical postures. This form of yoga is gentle in approach and you may have to function at a slow pace. There are different types of poses and you got to hold your breaths on each pose.




This form of yoga involves both breath and movement of your body which comes out as a dance style. The pace is faster than hatha. Therefore, get-set-ready for an energetic ride.  The session is supported by music and your poses should be following the music beats. People who love high intensity workouts shall definitely fall for this as well.



This form is recommended for all age groups. Precision and detailing of the body postures are what you would learn here. No other yoga forms would be helpful in this class as the course is completely different. Hence, you should begin with basics. You would get habituated with blankets, straps, ropes wall and other props in this class.




It is one of the strictest forms of yoga. It prepares you with challenges. Six series of yoga poses have been designed. Each pose is intense and that would allow to build internal heat. The same six series are repeatedly done in the entire class. By the end of the course, you would find yourself as a perfectionist.




Another form of yoga for beginners. The styles are a bit predictable and easy to perform. It consists of total twenty poses accompanied by two breathing exercises. Bikram is practised in a temperature-controlled room that is heated to approximately 105° and forty percent humidity. The class is generally conducted for ninety minutes and you are likely to feel exhausted at the end.






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