How soon after surgery can I fly?


Unlike ten years back, today, patients do not require to rest for months and months to recover fully after a surgery. All thanks to the technology revolution that has enable the patients to heal faster. While staying in a foreign country for medical surgery, patients are often in a hurry to fly back to home as soon as possible.

“How soon after surgery can I fly?” is one of the frequent queries that come from the foreign patients who are willing to visit India for treatment. The answer to this question varies with different kinds of surgeries that a patient undergoes.

Presenting you the list of surgeries and the minimum time needed before you decide to fly back to your home:

  • At least two days for minimally invasive cardiac surgeries
  • Five to ten days for abdominal surgery depending on the level of complication
  • Ten days for chest as well as bypass surgery
  • One to seven days for simple cataract or corneal laser surgery depending on the level of complication
  • One day for colonoscopy
  • Two to six weeks for retinal detachment surgery depending on the level of complication
  • Six weeks for craniotomy
  • Four weeks for brain biopsy

By now you surely have received the answers and cleared your doubts. It is delightful to know that you could fly within days or few weeks. Very few surgeries require a months time such as lung resections and joint replacements.


Flying on a plane after surgery carries various risks and you should observe all of them with great attention:

  • As head and lungs are subjected to be the most sensitive parts of your body, these parts can be badly affected while the flight reaches a certain height and goes through a change in atmospheric pressure. Therefore, surgeries related to your head and lungs should be looked after with utmost care.
  • Certain patients are recommended to drink lots of water in order to stay hydrated and keep moving around in the plane to let proper circulation of the blood. Patients having  a family history of DVT(Deep Vein Thrombosis), obesity and pregnancy should take care of certain health measures.
  • Due to a closed environment of the planes, a patient with a recent surgery is more prone to infections. Therefore, safety measures should never be neglected.
  • Also, be thorough with your travel insurance policies, if you are having any of them.

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