Documents for Indian Medical Visa from Russia


The citizens of Russia who seek medical treatment in India are completely eligible to get Indian medical visa. If you wish to be an applicant, then you must choose Indian hospitals that are reputed, recognized and specialized. Along with you, two other attendants can accompany during your medical travel to India. They should be your blood relatives. The list of medical treatments is quite unending for which the medical visa is granted that includes, cardiac treatment, neurology treatment, organ transplantation, cosmetic treatment, congenital defects and disorders, etc.

The must-have Documents Required for Indian Medical Visa from Russia

  • Get an online visa application form and fill it completely with correct information. The form should be printed on two sheets of paper.
  • One current color photograph of size 3.5cmx4.5cm having frontal view of face against a white background.
  • You passport should have a validity of 180 days or 6 months along with two blank pages.
  • An address proof that is valid and matches your current address on the visa application. It could have your driving licence, utility bills for water, electric, sewage, copy of a valid lease with the signature of the tenant/landlord.
  • A certificate of preliminary medical advice from the local doctor that you have been advised for a specialized medical treatment.
  • An official letter from the concerned hospital in India stating your medical condition and requirement to treat it as well details about the medical attendant who will accompany you.

In case if the patient seeking medical treatment in India is a minor(below 18 years old), following are the documents required:

  • Birth certificates are required that contains parents’ name, date of birth and nationality. Only birth certificates are accepted for Russian nationals. Indian nationals can provide with birth certificates, old Indian passport or school leaving certificate; other country nationals have to provide a birth certificate or any other government document (translated to English and notarized) that has the parents’ name, date of birth and nationality.
  • Important pages of both the parents’ passports bearing their photos and signatures.
  • Visa applications for minors should contain both the parents’ signatures and should be notarized with a notary stamp and sealed.

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