How to choose a doctor/hospital for my treatment?

Choose a doctor/hospital

Once you have finalised your decision to fly to another country for your medical treatment, choosing a doctor and hospital would be the next most important step. You need to be sure about the following points while choosing a doctor:

  1. His academic qualification.
  2. What’s the doctor’s experience? Check for how long he has been practising his profession.
  3. Know about the number of surgeries he has performed as well as your type of medical treatment/surgery.
  4. The number of patients he is treating at the current moment.
  5. After choosing a doctor, you can research online about the articles written by him. In this way, you could gain more knowledge about his style of treatments.
  6. Apart from his academic qualification, find out if he has attended any extra training in his field to enhance his skills.
  7. Think of making phone calls or video calls.
  8. During the time of appointment, check how well the doctor was able to listen to your problems, his manner of suggestion and solution, the language he spoke was clear enough to have a transparent understanding between you two and any other questions that you have in mind.

Talk with the people around you as well as research online to find out the best hospitals of the country you are looking forward to for your treatment. If the hospital chosen by you has an answer, check for how long it has been treating that particular disease. You can always go through the medical staff of the hospital as you would require their assistance during your stay in the hospital. Make sure the hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

The hospital should also cover your health insurance policy. Another big advantage for you would be if the doctor you have chosen to consult has privilege in the same hospital. Reading the experiences of other patients could answer most of your queries that you already have in your mind.













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