Chennai: the most sought after medical tourism place in India

Chennai, medical tourism

In the recent years, India has uniquely risen as one of the most sought after destinations for medical tourism. The low cost of treatments, good quality of infrastructure, availability of qualified and world class doctors, striking and historical tourist locations are some of the factors which have propelled India to rise as one of the popular destinations for medical tourism. Inside India, though there are many locations where medical tourism is popular, one location, Chennai (previously Madras), stands out as “The most popular destination for medical tourism” in India.

Over 40 percent of the medical tourists who come to India for treatments choose Chennai as their first option. There are many internal factors leading to the rise of popularity of Chennai as the destination.

Why Chennai is considered as the best medical tourism destination

Majority of international medical tourists come to India from the Middle East, Nigeria, Tanzania and Oman.  Most of the medical tourists come to India for orthopedic treatments, cancer/oncology treatments, cardiac surgeries and pediatric surgeries and transplantations. The medical tourists for these treatments are concentrated from US, Canada, Australia, Italy, East Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc; Chennai, being famous for its hospitals and doctors who are specialists in the mentioned treatments, has automatically become popular.

Good multi specialty hospitals and skilled doctors

Talking about hospitals, Chennai holds a cluster of super and multi specialty hospitals. The treatments are diverse and numerous. For example, some notable names of the hospitals are Apollo Specialty Hospital (specialized in orthopedic treatments), Billroth Hospitals (specialized in cardiology and oncology treatments), Frontier Lifeline Hospital (specialized for pediatrics), etc.

Chennai Government taking an initiative to drive the medical tourism boom

Also, Chennai has been showing keen interest in improving its medical facilities and to provide better scope for medical tourists who are travelling to India. The Global Health City has actively been sponsoring doctors and medical facilities to different countries and setting up medical camps for spreading the advantages of choosing India and in particular, Chennai, as the destination. The Government of Chennai is actively collaborating with the public and private hospitals in creating a world class environment suitable for travel, care and post treatment facilities in Chennai.

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