What should be the checklist for the relatives of the patient before traveling to India?

checklist for the relatives of the patient before traveling to India

If you are seeking for a medical treatment in India, it is always advisable to have a partner who could accompany you to India. That partner who could be either your relative or a close one would be a boon throughout the journey of your treatment. On the other hand, being a patient’s medical attendant is not an easy task. The responsibility would entirely be casted upon you. From accompanying the patient to India to the completion of his/her treatment, till the time you both fly back to your own country, take a look at the series of checklist that should not be overlooked.

  1. Firstly, take a careful hold of your visa as a medical attendant and other relevant documents that you would be required to show in India.
  2. Keep a double check on the medical reports of the patient. Carry all the important ones as it could help in the smooth functioning of the treatment procedures.
  3. Don’t forget to carry yours as well as patient’s debit card/credit card so as to avoid unexpected monetary problems.
  4. Pack all the toiletries and other personal stuffs as it will help you save time.
  5. Make sure the mobile phones of both yours and the patient are in good working conditions.
  6. Avoid miscommunications! Make sure you have made a clear understanding with the authorities of the hospital or the medical assistance company regarding the arrival of your flight in India as well as the requirement of a taxi.
  7. Few stuffs are strictly advisable to have your own such as pillows, bed sheets, towels to avoid infection or communicable diseases.
  8. As per the weather of the place you are visiting in India, carry comfortable clothes and other accessories accordingly.
  9. Avoid food snacks that could deteriorate your health as well as the patient’s while travelling.
  10. The basic need is to be ready and just be prepared! If possible, carry other gadgets such as power banks, laptops, etc.


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