How can foreign patient consult a specialist before travelling to India?

Consult a specialist

Planning a trip to India for your medical treatment? Before you leave for India, you can discuss your medical treatment queries with the International representative provided by medical assistance company or the doctor you have chosen to consult with. With HBG, you need not worry about your healthcare. We have been handling the queries of the foreign patients with utmost care and attention. You can now choose to consult with us in India from the comfort of your own home through phone calls or online video calls. We shall assist you in seeking the best medical care facilities as well as the best doctors who could further answer all your queries. At first place, we shall be presenting you the list of questions as mentioned below which would be helpful for you to start with. Be ready to answer them:

  1. How old are you?
  2. When are you traveling to India? Where within India will you be traveling?
  3. Where will you stay during your trip?
  4. Have you traveled to any other foreign country(s) in the past? Where?
  5. What vaccinations have you had before? When did you have these vaccinations? Have you had any allergies or reactions to vaccines? Could you get a written record of your vaccinations?
  6. Are you allergic to any specific medicine, food or climate?
  7. What is your medical history and current health status?
  8. Were you under any medications in the recent past?
  9. What medications are you currently taking?
  10. In case of a female patient – Are you pregnant now? Are you breastfeeding?

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