Breast cancer survivors are more prone to weight-gain

breast-cancer-weight gain

Research has shown that people with breast cancer are more prone to weight gain than their non cancer counterparts post diagnosis. Findings also revealed that people with cancer gain weight on an average of 1.72 kg weight in comparison to the non cancer friends.

Reason for weight gain after breast cancer diagnosis

  • The reason of this weight gain is not yet confirmed because women generally get breast cancer around their menopause. And around menopause weight gain is a common phenomenon. So it is hard to distinguish the reason for weight gain in and after breast cancer.
  • Moreover, putting on weight is combined with a higher risk of other chronic diseases. The fact is that cancer patients who survived the deadly disease should manage weight because they should be more concerned about not getting any more diseases in their lifetime.
  • Some research suggests that weight gain is also related to lack of exercise. The drop in the level of physical activity may be due to the stress, fatigue, nausea, or pain that comes with breast cancer treatment.
  • Weight gain may also be related to intense food cravings. Some women have cravings that typically involve sweets and carbohydrates during chemotherapy. These foods can cause weight gain, especially when they’re not eaten in moderation.
  • Hormone therapy is another treatment that can cause weight gain. Hormone therapy decreases the amount of estrogen and progesterone in females and testosterone in males. The treatment tends to cause an increase in body fat mass. At the same time, there’s a decrease in muscle mass and a change in the way food is metabolized. The steroid treatment to heal cancer is also adds on to gain weight.

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