Benefits Of Getting IVF Treatment In India

IVF Treatment

Scan the list of benefits that you could expect while getting an IVF treatment in India:

  • The technology advancement is same as that of developed countries, and at the same time with a lower cost.
  • Cutting-edge techniques to treat infertility of the patients.
  • Get your IVF treatment with skilled and experienced IVF specialists.
  • The facilities are up-to-date so that you feel like a home in a foreign country.
  • English-speaking medical staff will make your queries and concerns transparent. Therefore, communication should not be a barrier in India.
  • The assistance of medical tour consultants will help you find the best facilities and hospitals in the country.

Chances of Success Rate in IVF Treatment

The chances of success totally depends on the age of a woman. A woman’s age is inversely proportional to her ability to conceive a baby. Check out below:

  • Age below 35: 32.% chance
  • Age between 35–37: 27.7% chance
  • Age between 38–39: 20.8% chance
  • Age between 40–42: 13.6% chance
  • Age between 43–44: 5.0% chance
  • Age above 45: 1.9% chance

All the following types of infertility disorders are treated in India:

  • Fallopian tubes that are blocked or damaged
  • Disorders that involve ovulation
  • Disorders that affect the count of sperms
  • Endometriosis

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