Artificial intelligence in Indian healthcare system

artificial intelligence

How about a prediction of your illness in advance? OR What if new forms of medications are discovered that could heal the incurable diseases?

Sounds beyond the bounds of possibility! However, the initiative has already taken place. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in healthcare industry, big organizations are already on their way to bring about a revolution in the field. AI will be helpful in diagnosing diseases faster through the application of machine learning, data mining, natural language processing (NLP) and advanced analytics. AI shall change the face of healthcare system in the following ways:

  • Optimize the clinical process.
  • Check vital signs, analyze medical history and provide prescriptions to a sick person.
  • Find a cure for chronic diseases like cancer.
  • Cut down the drug discovery cost by analyzing huge data points in lesser time as compared to humans.

What would be the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Indian Healthcare System?

At present, India is a leading pharmaceutical producer in the world but still faces a big challenge in the health sector. The number of doctors available in the country are not able to serve the increasing population. The rural regions of the country are the first victims due to the shortage of doctors. AI, however, could be an answer to tackle this difficulty.

Who is going to benefit from Artificial Intelligence in Indian Healthcare System?

  • Diabetic patients as India remains on the hit list for having a large number of them.
  • Rural population as AI could assist in improving the healthcare infrastructure for them.
  • Doctors as they could free themselves from the burden of basic medical procedures and focus on bigger cases.
  • Infectious diseases and malnutrition would be controlled at the right time.

  AI is a freshly generated concept in the healthcare of India, but has started to grab the attention. Some startups have come up with new plans on healthcare whereas big organizations are contributing their hands to make a difference. Let’s highlight one of the outstanding contributions:

  • The IT giant IBM has partnered with Manipal Hospitals to provide diagnosis and treatment to cancer patients. This partnership will help in overcoming the shortage of oncology specialists as well as enable better care of the cancer patients.



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