Alternative treatments in India

alternative treatment in India

India is a land of rich heritage and the strong fist of dominating civilizations spanning over 5000 years. India is the home for abundant history and is rich with natural resources. As the civilizations progressed, so did the structure of medicine. For ages, Indian people have been continuously developing methods and remedies using natural resources and therapies. The raw form of the natural resources has become one of the biggest strengths in developing medicines in this modern era. The motivation is humongous. Besides these medicines, therapies were also used to prevent and treat diseases. Out of many such techniques and medicines, two forms of natural therapies have evolved structurally and precisely targeting the needs of people.


Yoga is an ancient form of discipline which is a physical, mental and spiritual exercise to gain control and maintain stability of the human body in the most natural way. Yoga is the amalgamation of religion, philosophy and practices (asanas). Yoga, not only cleanses the inside of the human body, but also refreshes and entices the mind and soul. Also, Yoga is being used as a medical therapy to treat many diseases. India, being the home of Yoga, has been seeing a lot of development in the healthcare sector and has been attracting a lot of medical tourists around the world. Since Yoga does not involve the usage of artificial medicines, the patients are not at all threatened of its side effects. Besides that, Yoga is natural and much cheaper than the cost of medical facilities available anywhere in the world. Yoga is being used to cater to many major treatments like Blood Pressure, Cancer, Epilepsy, Paediatric conditions, Rheumatic diseases and many more. Also, minor conditions like anxiety and depression, dementia, etc; are also being treated using Yoga.


“A science of life”, is what Ayurveda is known as. Ayurveda is also a natural practice. Starting from herbal medicines, mineral supplementation to massaging using oils, Ayurveda has made its own mark in the diagnosis and treating of diseases naturally. Kayachikitsa (cure of diseases affecting the body) is one of the eight forms of Ayurveda. A combination of Physical existence, mental existence and personality development is the breathing source of Ayurveda. In the recent years, Ayurveda has been used predominantly to cure diseases using the above mentioned techniques. Since, Ayurveda is also a natural way to subdue and cure diseases, there is no worry of side effects. Also, the therapies are cheap due to the fact that the techniques used do not involve the usage of high tech machines and would not need world class facilities to run. Many diseases have been notably cured using the Ayurveda techniques. Some of them are, Asthma, Heart diseases, Nervous system disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Skin problems.

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